Our Services

India Office

Having a local office on the ground in India makes a statement about long-term commitment of the education provider to this region. Moreover the students from the Indian subcontinent lay more faith in face-to-face interaction & counselling sessions over technology-driven recruitment processes. We set up a fully trained dedicated team who act as the main point of contact for all enquiries over different media & build individual relationships with agents, students & their families to help them navigate your institution – from program selection to a pre-departure orientation thereby ensuring superior “enquiry to conversion” ratios.

Institutional Partnerships

Certificate to Diploma, Diploma to Degree, 2+2, 2+1 or 3+1, whatever twinning program works for you, you require like-minded academic partners in the Subcontinent to make your institution more visible and accessible to a greater number of international students. Such partnerships are not easy & involve various complexities such as seeking the approval of accrediting bodies, concerned Immigration offices, Govt. organizations. Key factors in selecting academic partners include the potential partner’s reputation, geographical location, long term vision. We conduct due diligence on potential partners to help you select appropriate partner/s.

Brand Management

Recruitment strategies in international education are becoming more complex and a regional &/or country-specific approach is becoming the need of the hour. It is imperative for institutions to position their investment, strategically in various online & offline media. Consistent visibility at strategically identified platforms, events, exhibitions etc establishes the institution’s brand presence in the market. Our on-the-ground expertise help them optimise their ROI.


Agent Network Management

As per some estimates, 70 to 90% of the Subcontinental students seeking to study abroad, utilize agents. Hence a healthy & supportive network of quality & quantity agents is the key to successful student recruitment in India. We focus on increasing productivity of the existing agent network while identifying & increasing productive agent network in the mature recruitment markets as well as emerging markets.



The key to a successful student recruitment strategy is thinking about what you communicate, to whom, and how. An institution that asks itself the right questions is more likely to provide answers that students want to hear. From social media and easy-to-navigate university websites, to recruitment fairs and university branding – the institution’s messages must be consistent, clear and authentic. We help you achieve your enrolment goals by generating greater interest amongst your target student segment.

Student Recruitment & Retention

Student recruitment in India is complex, costly and competitive. India is widely considered to be a “High-growth, High-risk” market. Students & their parents tend to rely on an organization which is local, speaks their language and understands their fears & concerns. This is where we step in & work closely with agents to recruit & retain students successfully.

CRM & Application Management

We work closely with our technology partners to streamline and automate international student recruitment process for our clients, if required. The user-friendly, cost-effective system allows admission application processing, agent performance monitoring, admissions to enrolment lifecycle, applications to enrolment ratio reports, agency agreements & much more.