Why Us

Why us

International students differ significantly in terms of their motivations, needs and behaviours by level of education, source countries and demographics. Education providers cannot afford to apply the same recruitment strategies for all international markets. A focussed, strategic approach to the student recruitment process helps education providers optimize their ROI in today’s challenging and budget-restricted international recruiting environment. We use a 3 tier process to streamline your recruitment activities.


  • We analyse enrollment funnels to identify best fit student segments and offer cost-effective recommendations.
  • Understand your international student enrollment funnel.
  • Identify student segments and source markets.


We synthesize enrollment analytics with a deep understanding of students to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan.Identify needs and behavior by student segments & markets.Approach international enrollment in a culture-specific manner


  • We undertake custom projects to help you achieve your internationalization goals.
  • Assess impact of internationalization strategy.
  • Develop international partnership strategy.
  • Analyse demand for new programs.
  • Improve international student retention and experiences.
  • Prepare for the future scenarios of student mobility.